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Contest Rules

Contest Entry:

  • Contest Entrants may fill out an entry form once per day, but not more than once per day.

Winner Selection:
  • All entries, including contests with multiple entries, are entered into a random sequence generator at Random.org. I never hand pick winners, everyone has a chance of winning as determined by how many entries they acquire in each individual contest.
Winner Notification:
  • Winners will be notified that they have won a prize by all available means of communication. IE; personal email, comments left on blogs, etcetera.

Winner Claim Time Limit:
  • The time limit for a winner to claim their prize is one month from the date of the winner announcement post.

Unclaimed Prizes:
  • If the winner does not contact Dotty Dot Dot FREE Blogger Backgrounds, Reviews & Giveaways by one month from the winning announcement post the winnings are deemed void and no longer belong to the announced winner. Dotty Dot Dot FREE Blogger Backgrounds, Reviews & Giveaways and the giveaway Sponsor will determine what to do with unclaimed prizes.

Mailing Out Prizes:
  • Any physical item sent from me will be sent COD. This means that you pay for delivery at the time it arrives at your address.
  • Any digital items will be sent via email.
  • If an item is returned to me it becomes my property and I can decide to give it away again or keep it.
  • In some cases the Giveaway Sponsor mails out the item - and in this case, your contact information will be handed over to the GS.
  • At this time I cannot send mail outside of the United States.

Previous Winners:

  • Previous winners will have to wait one month from the date they won their last contest to enter another contest. After one month, they are eligible to win again.

Commenting on Contests:

  • You will not "get credit" or receive an entry for a malicious or offense comment. Those types of comments will not get published.

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