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How to Make a 3-Column Layout - AND- Adjusting The Margins of Your 3-Column Layout

To make a 3-Column layout, I used these two articles from Three Column Blogger:

You need to do both of them:
1) Three Coulmn Minima Layout Version
2) Adjusting Three Column Margins
*(1-2012) This information is pre-Template Designer .

To adjust the width of the layout using the Template Designer:

After you have installed your Background and uploaded your Header go to:
Template > Customize > Adjust Widths > Entire Blog Width
Play with the width until it looks right.  (It will be about 660px for a 2-Column and about 940px for 3-Column)

1 comment:

  1. I was able to make my blog a three column one, but my typing or words don't stay inbetween the middle. They go out over the background on each side. Can you help with that?



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