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How to Get and Add a New Font

My Mac-user sister was using (*gasp*) a PC when she called asking me how to add a font in a Windows based program. Knowing that she's very visual (she's a photographer), I made up this tutorial for her:

(click on it to make it big and readable)

*If for some reason the picture is not pulling up big enough to read, here are the written directions:
  1. Download a font (.ttf is a True Type Font)
  2. Go to "My Computer"
  3. Go to "Change A Setting"
  4. Find the "Fonts" Folder
  5. Drag and Drop your new Font into the "Fonts" Folder!

And here's where to get some new fonts!

Kevin & Amanda: Free Fonts!
1001 Free Fonts (I've been getting fonts from them for YEARS.)
Abstract Fonts
Urban Fonts
Font Garden
Font Garden's HUGE List of Font Sites

And make fonts out of your own handwriting:
FontCreator from High Logic ($)
YourFonts ($)
Fontifier ($)
InteractImage (kind of lame)


  1. Any ideas on how to do this on a MAC?

  2. any ideas for Windows Vista? When I copy and paste it, it doesn't appear in the list of fonts.


  3. Siti,
    I don't know Vista, but it looks like you need to unzip the font file and extract it's contents.

  4. I can't figure out how to apply new fonts to my blog...help?



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