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Moms Into Fitness 60 Day Slimdown Review

Let's just get it out there and say..... It's NOT FAIR that a Mom of two looks like THIS:

Yeah. My two kids looks about the same size as those darlings, but I sure don't look about her size! But I can. Lindsay Brin shares her workout regimen in her Moms Into Fitness series of workout DVDs. The 60 Day Slimdown can help you get a rockin' swim suit body in no time. The 60 Day Slimdown comes with four DVDs to help you get back into shape.

Who is Lindsay Brin? Here, she can tell you herself:

Just checking out the stuff on Moms Into Fitness' website I would love to try the Lindsay Brin Dance Jam. It looks like too much fun to be a workout video.

The Complete Pregnancy Workout DVD set is something I wish I would have found about two years ago.... before the two kids! But since the two kids are already here and it is what it is and I'm pumped up for The 60 Day Slimdown which includes the Postnatal Bootcamp as one of the DVDs in the set (boo-yah!).

Since I received The 60 Day Slimdown less than a week before this review was due, I don't have the time to post my personal results. But from just my short time with the DVDs I can see how as used as directed they could surely yield some results. I did have some problems with downloading the paperwork from the website. Nontheless, I am super excited to get working out. I'm going to show my swimsuit who's boss!

The time is NOW to get The 60 Day Slimdown and get ready for Summer!

*PS - At the beginning of this post I wrote that that Lindsay is a Mom of two, right? Weeeeelllll... make that a soon-to-be Mom of THREE! Follow Lindsay's pregnancy and weight loss journey for the third time on her blog. This woman is amazing!

Lindsay Brin,13 Weeks pregnant with Baby #3 video:

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*All opinions expressed are 100% mine. Product was supplied by
Moms Into Fitness for this review & giveaway. This is a MamaBzz Review.

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