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SmartLab Snap Fashion Jewelry Review and Giveaway [CLOSED]

After watching a certain popular clothing commercial a few too many times my Toddler two-year-old has declared herself a Fashionista. She walks around the house strutting her stuff, swinging her hips, five necklaces and ten bracelets a-swayin'. Well, every Fashionista NEEDS to design her own jewelry, wouldn't you say? The SmartLab Snap Fashion Jewelry Studio set provides just that opportunity for any budding Fashionista. I will warn, though, that on the box it clearly states for an older age than TWO - so if your Fashionista is as young as mine she's going to need a style assistant (the instructions recommend help for any user, young or totally grown up and way smarter than you).

The SmartLab Snap Fashion Jewelry Studio was just that - easy as a literal SNAP! We made some rings and it was super easy to put in the fabric of choice, assemble and SNAP! Oh how the Toddler loved that noise. Her favorite part was popping the finished product OUT of the assembly machine and watching it fly in the air, "Do dat AGAIN, Momma! Let's make 'nother one".

I had a super helpful Fashionista helping me make the jewelry and the good thing about the assembly machine is that there are no sharp parts. I momentarily freaked out when the assembly machine fell out of the box and the Toddler immediately snatched it up, opened it and stuck her fingers inside the hole! At the moment I didn't know what was in there and was scared for her little fingers. But upon further inspection I deemed the machine safe - free from sharp things - and I let her play with it and try to figure it out.

A disappointment with the SmartLab Snap Fashion Jewelry Studio is that not everything pictured in the box is actually in the box. There's a little note inside the included instruction booklet that provides a list of other suggested materials to buy to make your jewelry even more fun. The basic hardware and tools are in the box, along with a few fabric dots and jewels, but feathers, flowers, paint and ink you have to buy on your own. The good thing about that, though, is that there is life beyond what's in the box. You can buy more materials and keep creating and creating and creating to a Fashionista's content.

Before I even got this review for the SmartLab Snap Fashion Jewelry Studio set I knew I was a fan of SmartLab's products. I have seen and drooled over the [call me a nerd] Inside The Human Body kit. I am definetely a fan of SmartLab's stuff --- I just got a little antsy and got one of their product a little ahead of time - so do make sure you buy age appropriately.

SmartLab is giving away a Snap Fashion Jewelry Studio! Here are the links you'll need, then fill out the form below! *A winner will be picked Monday May 9, 2011.


*All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Product was supplied by SmartLab for this review.


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