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Twin Sisters Productions Ultimate Mother Goose Collection Review & Giveaway

Parenthood is overwhelming. You are handed your new bundle of joy with a "good luck" smile and pat on the arm. HOW are you EVER supposed to teach this new little life everything they need to know?! Well, ease the anxiety and start out with The Ultimate Mother Goose Collection from Twin Sisters Productions. It's great for learning all of the childhood classics.

The Ultimate Mother Goose Collection is a big, colorful book with darling illustrations that comes with four CDs of songs. It's fun to listen to while you read along. Great audio and visual stimulation. As I read along with my Toddler, I found myself wishing that the CD had some audio cues to tell her/us when to turn the page. I knew when to turn the page, because I can read - but I left the Toddler alone with the book and CD for a minute and when I came back she was distraught and flipping through the pages, looking for the 'lost' Little Miss Muffet. For older children The Ultimate Mother Goose Collection has activity pages at the end of each nursery rhyme. It's important to note that not all of the nursery rhymes are in the book. Only the ones on the first CD. I really like the songs on the CDs and I'm going to put all four of the CDs in The Ultimate Mother Goose Collection in the car and put them on random. Nothing like learning on the go! Multitasking is what Motherhood is all about.

I honestly enjoy Twin Sisters Productions sound and professional production. I worked at a radio station, I have experience in audio engineering and I can appreciate music that is well produced. I bought another CD for the Toddler (not from Twin Sisters) and I ended up throwing it away because I couldn't stand the amatuerish 'tinny' music that sounded like it was recorded in a tuna fish can. As I was throwing away the bad CD I was reminding myself in my head, "Yes, yes, I remember.... always buy from Twin Sisters Productions. Twin Sisters CDs ONLY from now on!". I can stand, and even enjoy listening to Twin Sisters Productions' music over and over again.

I love, love, LOVE products from Twin Sisters Productions, but I wish that some of the products on the Twin Sisters website had more pictures and better descriptions of what is included in the pack/set and track listings of the songs. Often times I'd run into a description stating "This product is meant for all ages". Okaaay.... but what I really want is a track listing of what songs are on the CD? The products on the Twin Sisters site that are updated include links to snippets of the songs - that's very nice and helpful when browsing products on the site.

In the Twin Sisters Productions bargain basement you can find great deals - and sometimes you can find REALLY great deals. Along with getting product perk for writing a review, I have purchased from Twin Sisters Productions website. One time I bought CDs for $1 each in the bargain basement. ONE DOLLAR! It's all about hitting the sale at the right time, so check the site frequently. I was a little upset that I missed a really great Christmas deal during an after holiday online sale, but I didn't move fast enough. Don't wait on deals in the bargain basement! There's no time to sit around and 'think about it' when the prices are THAT good. I was very impressed with purchasing from the site (just as I am overall impressed with the company as a whole). My purchase arrived on time and as described.

I just can't get enough of Twin Sisters Productions. I'm a fan for life and I hope you will be, too.

Twin Sisters Productions is giving away an Ultimate Mother Goose Collection! Here are the links you'll need, then fill out the form below! *A winner will be picked Monday, June 5, 2011.

*All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Product was supplied by Twin Sisters Productions for this review.


  1. Hope I win. I couldn't find your page on Facebook. I would if I could.

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