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Blogger's New Interface

Blogger's user interface has a new look!


It's so sleek and cool. There are no tabs across the top, instead they've been moved to the left sidebar. It's easier to navigate and find stuff. I'm liking it, for sure. There are a few slight changes to installation instructions for my backgrounds using the new Dashboard & Interface. In my "How To Install" instructions I will have step-by-steps for both the new and the old Interfaces. Here's the new one! ...

How to install a Dotty Dot Dot Background using Blogger's NEW Dashboard and Interface:

    1. Choose a background.
    2. Copy all of the Background's code.
    3. Go to Layout. (on your left nav bar)
    4. Click "Add a Gadget".
    5. Choose to add an "HTML/Javascript" gadget.
    6. Paste your Dotty Dot Dot background code in that dialogue box.
    7. After you save it, you may move that box wherever you like in your Layout tab - and it should be easy to remove by clicking "edit" on the gadget box containing the code.
    8. Go to to Template (on your left nav bar)
    9. Scroll down to Picture Window
    10. Choose the blue square
    11. Ta-Da! You have a new background!
    *While on the "Template" page click "Customize" to change font colors, blog width, etcetera...
    *The background may not show up in the preview on your Interface, but IT IS THERE! See the Preview or go to your actual blog URL to make sure.


  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [01 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. THANKS for the instructions! Nice to have it all laid out......you like it? I'm not sure yet....

  3. Hi, I was excited to find your instructions. However, when I follow these instructions, I get a background image that is there, but more like a header, with post text boxes below it. Is there any way to make the text appear on top of (overlay) the background image, as you could in Classic Blogger? Thanks!


  4. Hi again,

    I sent a comment earlier, and have now figured out how to apply the background. However, the new blogger interface has a solid color box that is the background of all the posts - is there any way to remove that so that the post text just overlays the beautiful background you've created?


  5. I am using new blogger and have applied background as directed but it doesn't fill the background. It's just kind of floating in the middle. Any advice?

  6. how does one go about changing templates? i've just had a look on my blog an i can't see a gadget button relating to the background so do i have to change it somewhere else?

    kathleen mc xx



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