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Folio Academy Review & Giveaway

Attention aspiring artists! Folio Academy offers art lessons for everyone. There are many courses to choose from, finding one (or two or more) that interest you won't be hard. Folio Academy's art courses span many mediums - from pencil to paint - they even have "Painting on the iPad". Very cool.

These days the internet seems to be able to teach us everything we know. Or does it really? "Just Google it!" is an oft overused phrased in our century. So why not just look up artsy how-to videos online? Because the videos on Folio Academy are taught by master artists who know, understand and love their craft. Many so called "free" videos found online are teaser videos to get people to buy the full version of another video. So why pay for these videos? Because for a fraction of what a college course costs you are getting college rouse quality instruction. $30 for a Folio Academy art course is a whole lot easier on the pocket book than a $300 college semester (remember, that's just ONE class - college isn't cheap!).


When you purchase an instructional video from Folio Academy the video becomes available to you through Folio Academy's website. You can watch it on your PC, tablet, phone... anything with an internet connection. It will be available to you for as long as Folio Academy is in business (and they don't plan out being out of business any time soon!). In theory - your videos will be available for you to use over and over for... well, forever! It is suggested that beginning users be at least 8-10 years old. Good beginning courses are the drawing videos. So, get a pencil and a sketchbook at get started!

Folio Academy is giving away a free lesson! Choose from Portrait Painting, How to Illustrate Children's Books or Beginning Perspective Drawing.  A winner will be picked September 26, 2011.

1 comment:

  1. I would love to win this. I love drawing/painting, but I am not going to college for this. Having a free class would be amazing.




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