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Outpost 8 ETSY Shop Review and Giveaway

Where on Earth do you find a store who's tag-line is, "Video game and post-apocalyptic jewelry"?!  On Etsy, of course.  Outpost 8 is one of my new found Etsy jewels.

I approached many Etsy shops with a custom order for Christmas ornaments and I think I scared most people away with my request for a Magic School Bus ornament.  Alia from Outpost 8 took my request head on and created four wonderful custom ornaments for my personal Christmas 2011.  Not only are these going to look awesome on my tree, these custom ornaments are going to surprise the pants off their recipients.  I can't wait to see to see their faces when they see their ornaments.  SO.EXCITED!

I fell in love with Outpost 8 and really, really, really hoped they would accept my custom ornament request when I landed on their shop right in the middle of wearable video game land.  I almost spent my Christmas ornament budget on the Super Mario charm bracelet:

You can literally wear your gaming addiction:

Or add it to your backpack:

And where's the post-apocalyptica, as mentioned in Outpost 8's tagline?  BAM:

Uniqueness is just oozing out of Outpost 8:

Marshmallow Lucky Charm earrings made from polymer clay

Outpost 8 is giving away a Legend of Zelda Lon Lon milk bottle glass charm!  Just fill out the form below.

Outpost 8 Etsy Shop

*FULL DISCLOSURE:  A trade agreement with Outpost 8 was arranged for this review and giveaway.

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