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Cutey Clips Review and Giveaway

We're doing the commercialized Princess thing in our house.  We do have licensed gear, but I personally prefer items that gracefully nod in the general direction, but are handmade with creative ingenuity and love.  I have found such Princess-based ingenuity at Cutey Clips.  I scoured the internet for just this type of thing.  I have seen lots of versions of handmade Princess bows, and these ones are just fantastic!  At Cutey Clips you'll find individual hair accessories in all price ranges - with sets also available.

Cutey Clips even makes the Princesses male counterparts.  I have not seen Prince/Princess couple hair bows anywhere else:

Besides the beautifully crafted Princess clips, this clip right here sold me on Cutey Clips shop.  I knew the shop's owner had to be a cool person when I saw the Wonder Woman clip.  LOVE IT!:

There are so, so SO many other unique hair clips!  Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner.  You won't get pinched with a Cutey Clips accessory in your hair:

My daughter was SO EXCITED to see her Cinderella hair accessory from Cutey Clips.  I am so impressed with the quality and artistic work of the Cinderella clip we received.  Every last detail right down to Cinderella's black choker and sparkly headband. I am impressed that someone has enough patience to snip all the ribbon and so carefully glue it all together.  I know it's durable, too, because as soon my daughter opened the package she tried to pull Cinderella's head off (in her defense, she was just trying to see how Cinderella was stuck on the hair clip).  Not to worry, though - Dr. Mommy gave Cinderella full evaluation and is glad to report that Cinderella is fully in tact - even after being Preschooler-handled.

I am an absolute fan of Cutey Clips, and I hope you will be, too!

Cutey Clips is giving away a hair accessory of your choice (up to $10).  Fill out the form to be entered:

Cutey Clips ETSY shop
Cutey Clips Facebook Page

Giveaway ENDS on March 12, 2012.

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*All opinions are 100% mine.  Product was supplied by Cutey Clips for this review and giveaway.  Photos are property of Cutey Clips or Dotty Dot Dot (watermarked).

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