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Playfully Ever After Review and Giveaway

Playfully Ever After was started by a stay-at-home Mom who saw how she could start a business to build children's imaginations.  Playfully Ever After is imagination parents can believe in.

Provide your Prince or Princess with the outfits and toys to suppliment their play with dress up clothes from Playfully Ever After.  Sometimes the word 'dress-up' can become confusing, as if it's just something for girls.  Well, it's not.  For boys who want to get in on the royal fantasy play, Playfully Ever After has costumes for princes, knights and dragons, too.

Cinderella dress-up

Dragon dress-up

Belle dress-up
Prince cape dress-up

My lil'guy was super excited that something actually came in the mail for HIM!  He had oodles of fun digging in the box to find his knight cape:

Even Big Sister had to try it on. The knight cape works well for size 2T and size 5T kids.  It's velvet on one side and silky on the other with a felt applique.  Comfortable and durable, it will provide many hours of imaginative play.  For both kids! (kind of makes it feel like a two-for-one deal!).

Playfully Ever After's website is organized so items can be narrowed down and found easily.  Just a few clicks and you'll find what you want.  For instance, I was looking at Rapunzel dresses so I clicked 'Princesses' > Rapunzel' - two easy clicks and I was there, looking at six purple options for Rapunzel dresses (even options for a doll or  teddy bear!  How cute!), priced from $15.99 - $59.99.
Rapunzel bear dress

One of my favorite things that Playfully Ever After has are the princess doll dresses.  Big kid Princesses can have a matching mini-me counterparts with 18" doll dresses available in Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and Tinkerbell styles.

Dolly can tag along on all sorts of activities, ready for a day of surfing at the beach, heading out horseback riding or going to an evening at a sock hop:

Playfully Ever After is more than just dress-up and doll clothes.  They have toys that encourage imaginative play, including one of my favorite toy brands, Melissa & Doug.  Playfully Ever After has art sets for boys and girls and wodden & felt pretend food sets.  There are all sorts of fun items to encourage imaginative play at Playfully Ever After.

Playfully Ever After is giving away a set of 5 doll dresses! 

Just fill out the form:


*Winner will be chosen on Monday, April 16, 2010.

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  1. Love this store! My niece's birthday is coming and I need to decide on a gift!



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