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A Girl and Her Balloon ETSY Shop

Looking for the unique? Search no further than A Girl and Her Balloon ETSY Shop. A place for things lifted above the mundane with inspired, one of a kind creations. (All credit for that goes to the shop owner, Marybeth - a cool one-of-a-kind gal making cool one-of-a-kind items.)  Things for the eccentric, the eclectic, the spifferniffy (okay, I made that word up).

My first visit to A Girl and Her Balloon ETSY Shop was filled with awe and wonder. Clicking this way and that, wondering what were some of the stories behind various items. The wide-eyed owl reminded me of the sleepless nights of college, while the grocery tote reminds me that I'd like to be more eco-friendly. The fun aprons that remind me of barely being big enough to see over the counter while Grandma was cooking. Every item was so unique, and they found their own ways to speak to me.

For the cute cook
Asleep or awake?
Curved toe elf inspired stocking
Exhausted owl
Reusable grocery tote

A Girl and Her Balloon ETSY Shop is giving away a cosmetic bag from their shop! Fill out the form below.


*Giveaway ends November 30, 2012.

*All opinions are 100% mine. Product was supplied by the shop owner as part of this review.

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