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How to Take Payments on Your Blog

One of the quickest and easiest way to take payments from your blog or any online website is through the use of Paypal. This system uses your customers email address to link to their individual Paypal account. The customer is entirely in control of the financial aspect, and they are given complete and total privacy. In addition to making payments, the Paypal system allows you to send invoices to your customers along with reminders for them to pay their bills. 

Another method of accepting payment on your blog includes getting a merchant account from companies like these. This system is done primarily through the bank, and will incur fees which will be deducted out of your payments that you receive into your site. In order to get set up with a merchant account there will be an application process that you will need to go through. This asks you to give out information such as the type of business you are running and where your sales take place. You will also be required to install software for securely accepting credit card information from your customers. The bank will handle the majority of the processing, and will deduct their fees according to the agreement that you reach.

*This is a guest post written by The Mommy Blogger Directory

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