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I am flattered at all the blogs I see popping up with my backgrounds, headers and blinkies. I try to credit the digi-scrappers from which I get my digital scrapbooking stuff (you'll see them in the individual posts).

I offer my backgrounds for free, and in return I ask that you please:

1) Keep my links in tact.
2) Go ahead and blog about me, and link back to me. But DON'T steal my backgrounds as your own ideas.
3) DO NOT copy my backgrounds and post them FOR SELL on your own site OR ANYWHERE. This is the ultimate offense to me. I am flabbergasted that anyone would do this... but it really is happening...


Here's a reminder of the rules / Terms of Use for using my Backgrounds, Headers and Blinkies (the ones that are always posted plain as day on this site):

1. Use for personal or commercial blog use.

2. DON'T claim them as your own, DON'T sell them, DON'T give them away under another name.

3. Dont' Hotlink, or practice Bandwith Theft.

4. Leave my logo and links in tact.

Creative Commons License
Blogger Backgrounds and Headers by Dotty Dot Dot Designs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

*Use my stuff, but don't steal my stuff. IE... Don't sell it or offer it for goods or services on others sites.


  1. I'm so sad when people steal from my blog too. It's not honest. I know how you're feeling.



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