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Summer Stripes and Dots, 3-Column

*Page elements from: Pixie Perfect Designs


  1. I'm having trouble getting the background to work. It just comes up as a blank blue screen. No dots or stripes are on it. I've had tons of layouts before and even got the header to work. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Faith -

    I checked the background and the code is correct.

    Ummm... Here are my suggestions:
    - Make sure you have the Minima White template.
    - Make sure there are no other HTML background codes which may be conflicting.
    - Make sure to copy the code from the background (near the top of the post), and not the blinkie's code (near to bottom of the post). Make sure you are not scrolled in too close, because that can distort the look of the background and you may only see a part of it (Ctrl+mouse scroll).

    Feel free to email me at ashblog@hotmail.com



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