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The Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway

Photo from KiddieCare

I very distinctly remember my 10-year-old self helplessly watching my baby brother use the staircase as a roller coaster, rocketing downward in his olive green rolling baby walker.  It was scary.  Thankfully he was okay, but I was traumatized to the point of never wanting to buy one of those baby death traps.  The American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends that the U.S. do like other countries already have and ban the sale of rolling baby walkers.

The Juppy Baby Walker

A safer alternative to the rolling baby walker is the parent-assisted  Juppy Baby Walker.  With The Juppy, the parents stays with and guides the child - avoiding potential hazards, as any good parent does.  The adult holds on to the handles and has full control and the child will not take off in The Juppy into potentially dangerous places.  The child is happy with The Juppy because they feel like independent.  The adult is happy with The Juppy because they don't have the backache from walking hunched over with a child who is learning to walk.

The Juppy is not a rolling walker.  The child will not take a fast free ride down the stairs.  The Juppy is not a jumping springed seat (aka, "Johnny Jump Up").  There is nothing heavy that can potentially come undone and fall on the child's head.  With The Juppy, the child is supervised at all times, as it takes an adult's assistance to make it work.  The Juppy is designed for the comfort and safety of the baby and the adult.

The Juppy Baby Walker can go anywhere - it is only 14.1oz and can fit in a purse or diaper bag. It is made out of 100% cotton so it's machine washable.  It's available in pink, blue and black/yellow.  The Juppy Baby Walker helps babies learn coordination, balance and confidence.

I had a great need for a Juppy Baby Walker a few months ago when it was determined that my toddler had a gross-motor delays that made him a 'slow walker'.  When we finally got to the learning-to-walk stage he was older and bigger than most, and I would get backaches from being bent over helping a heavy toddler learn to walk.  I sure could have benefited from a Juppy, and that is why I am going to donate the Juppy I got to the Early Intervention services that helped my son, so they can use it in similar cases.  I am sure they can put The Juppy Baby Walker to great use!

Juppy is giving away a Juppy Baby Walker!  Contest ends August 27, 2012

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