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Costume Discounters Review

Costumes aren't just a Halloween thing.  One of the best things I have for my kids is their dress up box.  It is full of fun and imagination.  And costumes, of course!  Costumes that I buy any time, all year round - not just in October.

Newly added to our costume box is the Disney purple princess.  Princess costumes are super popular in our dress up box.  I could have spent a ton of money on a Rapunzel dress, but instead I found an absolutely princess perfect one online at Costume Discounters for a great price!

It twirls and whirls wonderfully.  It's a perfect purple princess dress.

The Rapunzel costume from Costume Discounters fits my daughter like a dream.  It's durable and playful and oh-so-princess-pretty and she'll have lots of fun wearing it (she won't take it off and promises to take really, really, really good care of it.  It's a winner!).  It's so much fun to get caught up in all things glittery and sparkly and to be able to supplement a little girl's imagination with fun girly things to wear.

Costume Discounters offers FREE shipping on orders over $50.  So buy all the kids a new dress-up and get it shipping for nothing.  It's same day shipping (on orders placed before 3pm).  Don't worry if your princess has a growth spurt between order and delivers, Costume Discounters pays the shipping both ways if you want to make an exchange.  Order some fun and get it delivered fast!

Whether it's for Halloween or for pretend play, Costume Discounters can make sure your little girl is princess perfect.

*All opinions are 100% mine.  Product was supplied by Costume Discounters for this review.

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