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Little Cosmetics Review and Giveaway

Let me be honest - I was hesitant when I first opened the pretty pink bag from Little Cosmetics.  My mind was racing, "make up + little hands = big mess".  The four year old was giddy - I was preparing myself for a make up monstrosity.  I opened the blush container and brushed my finger inside, looked at my finger and there was nothing.  I pushed harder on the pink blush - still nothing.  I pushed my fingernail in the blush and it made a dent in the foam.  FOAM!  Then I remembered -  this isn't 'real' makeup - it's pretend make up!  And with that realization I let the four year old dump the bag and explore the containers and brushes to her heart's content.

Little Cosmetics is pretend make up that looks and feels real.  There's no powder, no gel, no goop - no mess!
Little Cosmetics Ultimate Kit

But the question is.... who are you kidding, right?  What kid wants to play with something that's not 'real'?  Well, let me tell you - my four year old LOVES it.  That's the beauty of imagination. She gets to pretend she's doing big girl stuff, and I don't have any mess to clean up when she's done.  After doing her own make up, dolly and Daddy got make overs, too.  I fear for little brother when he wakes up from his nap because I'm pretty sure that beautician big sister thinks he's due for a makeover, too...  ;).  When the time came for me to put on my daily face my daughter was right at my side using her very own beauty supplies from Little Cosmetics.

Her own make over.
Dolly's make over.

Daddy's make over.
Mommy's make up and Little Cosmetics side-by-side.
We do have 'real' little kid make up lying around.  Powdery, shimmery, glittery fun.  But we rarely get it out because it's too messy for her to do by herself.  Little Cosmetics play make up is something the four year old can get out every day if she wants to, play with by herself and even put all away back in it's own pretty pink bag when she's done.  While watching her play with her very own make up kit I made a mental note that this would be a great birthday or Christmas gift.

Little Cosmetics kits can be customized - choose from difference powder shades, eye shadow color combos and lip gloss colors.  Kits include: face powder, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss and brushes.  Little Cosmetics play make up kits come in 3 sizes (Essential, Luxery and Ultimate), ranging from $20-$35.  Gift certificates are available, too.

Little Cosmetics Essential Kit
Little Cosmetics is giving away an Essential Kit!  Fill out the form below:
*Ends July 23, 2012.


*All opinions are 100% mine.  Compensation was provided for this review.

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