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Popular Toddler Boy Costume - CARS!

Halloween 2012 is coming!  It's right around the corner and will be here sooner than you think.  September is definitely not too early to think all things Halloween.  It's time to get going on the kids' costumes!

I have one of each gender to outfit this year; a boy and a girl.  My girl is easy: princesses and fairies.  Glitter and glam.  But the boy...  What to do for the boy?  Superheros are always a hit, but he's still little and not really into them yet.  In our home we have a HUGE Disney Cars fan.  So, there's a high, high, high probability that we will be in the Cars Halloween costume aisle!  And you betcha that there's a whole aisle (or at least a whole page when shopping online stores) dedicated to Cars characters - with costumes, accessories and all.  Between the Cars and Cars 2 movies there is definitely  a wide selection of Cars Halloween costumes available.  The question then becomes.... Do you go with the always popular Lightning McQueen, the funny and entertaining Mater, or smart and sleek Finn McMissile?  Any of those options would be pretty easy to find.  I can't wait to see the look on my little guys' face when he sees his Cars costume!

*All opinions are 100% mine.  Compensation was supplied for this review.

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